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Fundraising Tips

We have worked hard raising money over the years, and we have taken many tips and came up with a successful plan for fundraising. If you follow these simple steps, you too can be successful!

  1. Set up your personal fundraising website, there are many great ones out there, find one that you like and emulate it.
  2. Get a Facebook page (or any other social Networking site) Account and get friends. If you got one, use it!
  3. Go to and spend the 10 bucks to get your own domain name and set up forwarding to your fundraising website. You can re-use it if you participate in fundraising again. Mine is
  4. is your BFF. Order the Free Business Cards. If you don't mind spending a couple bucks, get your mission on the back. This is where you put your web address, email address, contact information and blog address
  5. Start a Blog where you can keep followers informed on your progress and link it to your fundraising website
  6. Make a "Donation Request" letter, include your mission, business card, blog and website address
  7. Get on and start collecting followers
  8. Send an email to your ENTIRE email address book. Even if you only contacted them once, even to just order something. Ask them to send your email to everyone in their contact list. There are many people out there that are ready to donate to something. Include your blog and website address.
  9. Find a corporate sponsor. Someone who will do campaign matching
  10. Mail out your letters to every address you can find. Go on the web and contact every business you use, including restaurants and everyone.
  11. Hold a Silent Auction, find a business to host it, and ask people to donate items.
  12. Hand out Business cards to everyone you meet, put them on your desk at work, drop them in the bowl at a restaurant, leave one with your waitress with their tip.
  13. SELL YOURSELF! - Sell advertising space on your body: i.e. Cheek: $500.00 (Each), Arm: $400.00 (Each), Hand: $300.00 (Each)

I am unclear exactly who came up with the following list, so I give Team in Training the credit for it!

  1. Speak at clubs or organizations you are a member of and ask for a donation
  2. Hold a bake sale
  3. Ask a restaurant or bar to donate a portion of one day’s income to your fundraising (you publicize the LLS Day to everyone you know)
  4. Hold a garage sale
  5. Provide a service (babysitting, dog walking, house cleaning, etc.) in exchange for a donation
  6. Hold a dinner party at your home in exchange for donations
  7. Organize a dress down day at work – employees can dress casually on a specific day in exchange for a donation
  8. Ask friends, significant other, and parents to send a fundraising letter to their friends and associates on your behalf
  9. Create a gift basket with wine, food or other goodies and hold a raffle
  10. Put all your change in a jar and then roll the coins and use the money toward your fundraising goal
  11. Email your friends, family and co-workers to follow up with those who haven’t sent in a donation
  12. Ask your employer to donate a day off that you can raffle off at work
  13. Bachelorette Party or Bachelor Auction
  14. Ask your house of worship if you can speak about your fundraising or include your LLS participation in the newsletter
  15. Ask vendors who you do business with for a donation
  16. Return bottles and cans and donate the funds
  17. Offer to write your donor’s names on parts of your body (head, arms, legs) during the event. The better the donation, the better the body part.
  18. Sell arts and crafts and donate the funds
  19. Publicize your efforts in your college alumni magazine
  20. Publicize your efforts in your office newsletter
  21. Hold a silent auction and have local businesses and restaurants donate their goods and services
  22. Buy donuts for breakfast (or get them donated) and sell them every Monday morning at work or school
  23. Auction off your unwanted but valuable items on E-Bay (or get donated items to auction off)
  24. Provide pizza every Friday for lunch at work – take donations for each slice (don’t forget to get the pizza donated!)
  25. Organize a TV or Movie night- have everyone over for popcorn and snacks and they donate to you what they would pay for a movie ticket (idea: place bets on the winner of a reality show!)


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