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In August of 2004, Blake Howard Wayland was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia (AML) and our journey began. To help the family pay medical bills and for the family to make ends from so much time lost from work, the Blake Wayland Leukemia Fund (BWLF) was started by Blake's sister Briana.

Blake was to attend a new school that fall, but he never was able to. The school however took to Blake and his story and together with a dear family friend, Kristin Fojtic, began How Big is Your Heart to assist the family since we didn't have the time to dedicate it to the BWLF.

Now, How Big is Your Heart is our way to pay forward for everything everyone did for us, and for us to assist anyone who is raising money for a cause, and needs assistance meeting their goal.

How Big is Your Heart?” is an all volunteer, Not for Profit organization that assists fundraisers in meeting their goals, where 100% of all money collected is donated directly to the charity of choice. We also work individually to raise money for causes we support.

Blake's story and all the posts about his journey into heaven can be found at:

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